Reflection: What is culture?

cultual-mind-mapWhen I first thought about culture, I put down some general, sanitized definitions in my mind map. I stated that it was recognition of customs, a set of beliefs, and a set of practices.

I do believe that all of those aforementioned definitions are a part of culture but really don’t suffice as a strong definition.

After doing our readings culture, I found that culture is more dynamic—ever changing—rather than fixed (Nieto, 2008). What’s more, it actually can be a pretty messy and contradictory topic; typically it’s presented by teachers in this cleansed and superficial manner (Nieto, 2008). Lastly, I found that it is important that it is embedded in context (Nieto, 2008). The environment in which it exists heavily influences culture.

After viewing these more profound definitions, I was compelled to step back and reassess the way I look at culture. I now understand that I have to look at it as more than just a quick set of facts. I have to examine it a bit more holistically and realistically.


Nieto, S. (2008). Chapter 9: Culture and Education.Yearbook Of The National Society For The Study Of Education, 107(1), 127-142. doi:10.1111/j.1744-7984.2008.00137.x






Published by: Jim Lee

I am an educator by day and an educator by night! I love what I do and want to ultimately be a positive force in this world before its all said and done.

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