Memoir, Memory, and Mastery Presentation: The Skin That We Speak

Link to Presentation:

The Skin That We Speak was phenomenal! I really loved the format of it–several people told a story within it; there was just not one voice.

As I note in the presentation, this book brought to my attention the idea of language being a part of someone’s identity. I have never thought language in that manner. Nevertheless, Lisa Delpit and Joanne Dowdy (the authors of the book)  make an excellent case as to why we should consider language as an identity.

After reading this book, I realized that people do assess others’ intelligence  by the way they speak. Also that we as a people put down other dialects that don’t match the “standard” instead observing those alternative forms of dialects as acceptable forms of communication.

It is my hope we get to a point where we can move past our attitudes about the way we speak and just focus on communicating in the way that’s most effective–regardless of whether it’s “standard” or not.


Published by: Jim Lee

I am an educator by day and an educator by night! I love what I do and want to ultimately be a positive force in this world before its all said and done.

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